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•   Private, family-owned company founded in 1996
•   Headquartered in Moline, IL – 15 minutes from Rock island Arsenal
•   Over 30 offices throughout the US
•   Consistently named Staffing Industry Analysts Top 100 Staffing Firms in the US – Top 2%
•   Workforce Management Strategy and Solutions
•   John Deere - “Achieving Excellence, 2011, 2012, and 2015 in Outstanding Supplier Performance 2%

About Us
Sedona Technologies is proud of our 20 year history of providing a diverse set of Information Technology (IT) services and superior support to our clients. The integration of experience and expertise gained from serving both the private and public sectors allows us to align the efficiency and effectiveness originating from industry best practices with the challenges and unique influencing factors which comes from supporting a real-world mission operational environment. While each solution is different – there is a common baseline to our approach.

We possess the diverse set of technical expertise and experience, and corporate resources and capabilities required to ensure the highest levels of performance, customer satisfaction, and mission support.  Recognized nationally as a leader in providing technical recruitment and staffing services to other companies, Sedona Technologies also provides direct long-term contractual program support to our clients.  Whether we are simply identifying and placing highly qualified technical experts to fit our clients’ staffing needs or serving as a prime or sub-contractor on an operational program, our preferred operating model starts with establishing a foundation of true partnerships and trusted relationships. We then use these to shape flexible, effective, and cost efficient support approaches; which are tailored to the needs and environments of our clients (and their customers).

Partnership with a Purpose

Our preferred operating model is to build long-term partnerships and trusted relationships with the common purpose of delivering, sustaining and supporting quality IT services. We then use these partnerships to shape flexible, effective, and cost efficient support approaches.


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