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Acquisition Program Analyst

Typical Functions
  1. Supporting Headquarters Air Force (HAF) budget preparation and defense, SAE oversight and decision-making activities, PEO program execution and oversight efforts of aircraft platforms.
  2. Maintaining and analyzing planning, scheduling, and management data.
  3. Studying, analyzing, and providing recommendations on requirements, acquisition strategies, program documentation, program phase transition plans, supplemental information, and program execution.
  4. Researching and analyzing program trends, identifying issues, and recommending solutions.
  5. Making recommendations on the allocation of funding, establishment of program goals, objectives, and schedules, and the formulation of program direction.
  6. Tracking compliance with stated program direction and identifying issues.
  7. Reviewing and providing recommendations on existing and proposed Air Force acquisition and capability area policies and implementation.
  8. Maintaining historical Air Force weapon program documentation and developing summary documents/briefings and training material.
  9. Providing short notice, quick-reaction analyses of critical programmatic issues in the context of Congressional, OSD Staff, Joint Staff, HQ USAF, Major Air Command (MAJCOM), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), coalition, or bi-lateral activities.
  10. Supporting the HAF review process - Air Force Requirements Oversight Council (AFROCs), Joint Warfighting Capabilities Assessment (JWCAs), Defense Acquisition Boards (DABs), Congressional cycle, Acquisition Strategy Panels (ASPs), Air Force Review Board (AFRBs), Configuration Steering Board (CSB), Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports, etc.
  11. Supporting program-specific efforts like Concept of Operations (CONOPS) development, Capability Development Documents (CDD), Capability Production Documents (CPD), Information Exchange Requirements (IER), and requirements working groups.
  12. Reviewing and providing data to assist in preparation for legislative hearings, program documentation, briefing packages and read-aheads, Congressional staffer visits, and other events to ensure an integrated and consistent Air Force position in response to Congressional questions, issues, and requests for information on assigned program/portfolio.
  13. Any other tasks closely associated with the performance of duties list above and as coordinated with the COR.


A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a Business, Finance or Engineering discipline.

A total of 2 years of acquisition experience (preferred but not necessary) in a System Program Office and/or Air Force Headquarters.