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What We Provide

Contractual Support

Sedona Technologies has successfully supported clients with the direct application of our core capabilities in the timely delivery and support of IT services on a number of commercial and government programs as both a Prime and sub-contractor.

Technical Staffing and Recruitment Services

Industry leading staffing firm supporting companies of all sizes across the country – one of the top 100 firms per “Staffing Industry Analysts”.

Awareness and Understanding

Just “throwing bodies at it” won’t solve today’s IT problems, challenges, or requirements. Whether its providing staffing and recruitment services, or directly supporting a program - understanding our client’s (and their customers) business and mission environments is critical to success.
Effectiveness (doing things right) and efficiency (doing things at a lesser cost) is gained through planned integration of business and IT goals, objectives, activities.
Business value comes through strategic integration and application of IT resources (financial capital, infrastructure, applications, information, and workforce) and capabilities (management, organization, processes, knowledge, and people).
Clients share common IT challenges, but each is faced with a unique operational environment and influencers which require an equally unique solution and keep pace with changes in requirements, technology, mission, and operational tempo.