Audio / Visual Administration and Support

When you have mission-critical communication, STGS’ team of experts is there to make it happen. No matter where or when, we can provide the Audio/Visual system and technical support required to ensure virtual communication to any geographically dispersed location. We understand that in decisive moments, secure communication is vital to the success of any project. STGS is there to make it happen - working behind the scenes so you can focus on your mission.
  • Supports video teleconferencing (VTC) infrastructure (e.g. conference rooms, networks, hardware)
  • Ensures continuity in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems (i.e. radios, antennas, towers), telephone switch (e.g. dial central office, switches, terminal equipment)
  • Safeguards public address systems
  • Provides support for audio visual (A/V) equipment
  • Supports inside plant cable infrastructure to ensure internal facility connectivity (e.g. copper and fiber cable, conducts, racks, patch panels, frames, telecommunication closets)
  • Interfaces outside plant (e.g. copper and fiber cables, manholes, vaults, pedestals) which provides on-base connectivity and connects to long-haul providers
Specific Examples
  • Provides a wide range of VTC support service for secure and unsecure Video Teleconferencing (VTC) studios, conference rooms, and systems; and Teleconference (TC) systems for AEDC
  • Troubleshoot any connection or device issues with appropriately qualified, trained, and certified personnel
  • Handle the maintenance, configuration, testing, administration, scheduling, coordination, and operation all official Secret and unclassified VTC’s systems at Arnold AFB to include the operations of secure and non-secure multi-point control unit video bridge (MCU) for critical VTC and AV-TC systems and supporting peripherals
  • Coordinate with the participating facilities (distant-end) to establish the connection(s)
  • Provide technical support for International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standards and work with DISA to ensure all VTC site registration/accreditation and maintenance is performed
  • Orient the users to the capabilities and limitations of the facility, and operate VTC equipment during conferences and meetings
  • Support CISCO Tandberg, Polycom and PictureTel VTC systems; cameras, microphones, multimedia equipment, video-conference bridges, document cameras, PC scan converters, AV switching equipment, and more
  • Manages the connectivity for all AEDC VTC systems/environments to both internal and external rooms, sites, and organizations; multiple sessions and with multiple users, secure connectivity, and need for 24-hour operations
  • Perform all aspects of the call’s life cycle to include coordinating, scheduling, facilitating, setup, testing, managing, and monitoring; to include technical and coordination activities required to integrate and activate unique internal and external VTC systems and connections such as used by Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)