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Knowledge Management Services 

As we see it, our job is to take a client’s strategic priorities for Knowledge Management (KM) and roll out the tools that make those goals a reality, enabling enhanced KM across the entire enterprise. Individual KM needs within an organization can easily number in the thousands. Our solution is crafted to capture those needs as efficiently as possible, organize them for prioritization in alignment with the client’s notions of urgency, value, and risk, and finally, roll out the individual KM tools to address these needs at a level of throughput and budget efficiency that leads the industry. Every aspect of our delivery process is optimized to deliver the necessary volume of highly usable KM tools, under uniform principles of governance and security, with the quickest possible turnaround.
The mission from its inception has been to address these challenges head-on, taking advantage of what is technically possible today to provide our clients with a new way forward—a sustainable, repeatable delivery process that leverages available assets for maximum effect, enterprise-wide.
Our delivery solution takes advantage of technologies already licensed by virtually every enterprise and large government organization. Used appropriately, platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint, form engines, and messaging systems have the combined out-of-the-box capabilities to replace the cumbersome (and enormously expensive) Enterprise Knowledge Management solutions of the past, while avoiding fragmented one-off solutions. In this manner, the incremental licensure cost to our clients is typically zero. Instead of buying new software, we’ve established a method for working with what our clients have already bought.
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