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Government Staffing

Sedona Technologies recognizes successful development and implementation of any IT solution rests largely in the quality and availability of supporting personnel. Further; we view an organization’s ability to staff as a critical underlining capability, which directly impacts an organization’s ability to provide and sustain efficient and effective IT support. As a nationally known professional recruiting firm, we specialize in unique and traditional Workforce Management Solutions and have proven we can consistently satisfy the staffing needs of our government and commercial clients.

We work directly with the client to clearly define staffing requirements and solutions which best fits their position requirements (e.g. expertise and experience, location, need date, compensation) and employee classification requirements.  Our flexible, placement model Includes:

Career Placement / Direct Hire:

  • We identify, recruit, and provides qualified candidates for direct placement of personnel as client employees
  • We can partner as virtual human resources department to find and screen candidates, arrange the interviews, share feedback, help negotiate salaries, and act as an overall process facilitator

Temporary (or Contract): 

  • We provide short term surge staffing where candidates are administered as Sedona Technologies (or STGS) employees for a defined time period 
  • Very efficient for immediate supplemental staffing: employee absences, temporary skill shortages, seasonal and/or increased workloads, short term projects (e.g. software and hardware roll outs), and special assignments
  • Benefits companies who are doing business in a new locations and/or it’s not cost efficient to hire their own employees 
  • Provides many advantages in regards to unemployment, taxes, benefits and workmen’s compensation rates

Temp-to-Perm (or Temp-to-Hire): 

  • We provide Sedona Technologies (or STGS) employees to our clients for a customized trial period to ensure an ideal fit
  • Client can elect to release them, convert them to their own employees, or simply allow us to continue administering to them as employees and processing their payroll and benefits.
  • Provides advantages similar to Temporary (or Contract) model

Managed Services: 

  • We provide our clients the option to request a performance based Managed Service solution as a cost efficient and effective alternative to traditional IT staffing solutions.  We leverage a team of technical experts managed by Sedona Technologies to provide our clients a specific set of services and at guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) defined performance levels.iStock_000020674301Large.jpg